Who We Are

We are a homeschooling, homesteading, generational building family that seeks to use our gifts to offer fun, creative products for our customers that revolve primarily around our most favorite things… Family, Homesteading and Preparedness.

We want to share our gifts and creative ideas with you and your family.

The creative one is the wife. The smart one is the husband. The packers are the kids.

You help us by promoting our products to your friends. The more you promote, the more we sell, the more unique products we can bring to you.

The Goal

Besides the wife’s creative outlet, the goal is to use this company to earn additional income to help reach our family’s goal of buying a homestead.

We have found a wonderful property, something we have prayed about for several years.  It is exactly what we have asked God for.

However, we would also like to avoid debt if at all possible. Our hopes for this venture is that it will help us meet this important family goal.  By being our customer, you can be a part of this journey with us.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and business.

Many Blessings,
Jason and Shannon Matyas

How Cutting Board Sales Work

All cutting boards are made to order in small batches. They will ship within three days of ordering.

How Clothing Sales Work

This ordering system is a bit unique. To keep prices lower than the typical cool t-shirt company, we will work on a minimum order system. All shirts need to have 36 order per design minimum before we place the order.

We will run shirt designs in cycles, offering a few designs at a time, for a couple weeks. We will process and ship those orders and then start another cycle with fresh designs. As we figure out the most  favorite designs, we will bring those back for another cycle.

Other Products

As we move forward, we will be adding many more products as we evaluate what we can offer to you as great prices in your interest areas. Please feel free to contact us and make your requests known.